Building Bridges – Construction is underway!

by Mike Dyer

The roadmap is complete. The laborers are in place and the stakeholders are all in.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Michael Dyer. You can call me Mike. Everyone else does. I joined the William and Mary IT group back in January as a CRM Business Systems Analyst. My role will be working with the ACF Solutions, Salesforce, Target X teams and the W&M stakeholders to facilitate the implementation of the Salesforce CRM. My focus will be on admission/student applications but not exclusively. My colleague, Dennis J. Morris, will be working primarily on marketing and advancement functions. We’ll have each other’s back during this implementation.

My experiences to date have all been in the private sector. Mostly in financial services for such companies as Citigroup, Fiserv, Instinet, Capital One. To name just a few. The world of academia is new to me and I am very excited about the challenges that lie ahead. As a business analyst, it’s my job to learn your job. So you can expect to hear from me in the not too distant future as we continue to ramp up for this project.

So where are we today? The implementation roadmap has been published. (For more specific information regarding the roadmap you can refer to the following page: CRM Implementation Roadmap). Requirements gathering is underway for those schools that are designated in phase 1, as well as Advancement. A number of demos have been presented to the project team and the stakeholders. Data samples are being put together. The CRM team is learning the ins and outs of the CRM. Licensing requirements are being ironed out and third party vendor arrangements are being made. Lastly, the TargetX team will be on campus in April for the official phase one admission project launch.

Building bridges takes time. So does implementing an enterprise CRM solution. Would you cross a bridge that was built in a day? I might but I would let you go first. Unfortunately, “Big Bang” implementations do not exist in the IT world. Over the next eighteen months, the CRM project team will be taking a methodical approach to ensure the CRM implementation goes smoothly and all the end users are comfortable with using the CRM.

Alright, I can now say I have blogged. My bucket list just got shorter. What shall I do next? A selfie, perhaps? Anyways, the CRM project team is here to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding the CRM project. Please feel free to email the team at We will do our best to keep you updated on the project status.